We have a shared vision across the Partnership and we live by it, delivering everyday by collaborating and driving our ambition to develop even more system wide joined up models of care through all the organisations involved across County Durham.

"To bring together health, social care and voluntary organisations to achieve improvements in the health and wellbeing for the people of County Durham"

Our commitment to the people of County Durham is to:Carer helping service user draw a picture

  • Deliver the right care to you by teams working together
  • Help you and those in your community lead a healthy life
  • Build on existing teams already working together to help you stay well and remain independent
  • Provide improved services closer to your home
  • Offer a range of services working alongside GP practices which meet your needs

Our care partnership operates across the health and care system which is the eighth biggest in England. We are building on our strong sense of community, the skill and commitment of health and care staff, our network of GP practises and improvements in health and well being - making life easier for all who use our health and social care services. 

Through the inclusive County Durham Care Partnership we have delivered health and social care improvements locally since 2018, building on our strengths such as vibrant communities, excellent services and outstanding relationships. Our priorities are based on shared knowledge and expertise from our partners and an in-depth understanding of the people and places that make up County Durham. 

Our Ambition 

Our ambition is to deliver outstanding care for our residents and the only way we can do this (and meet the challenges we face such as demand, complexity, workforce, estates and finance) is through closer working.

Most colleagues across the Partnership know each other really well and solve problems together every day. A lot of what we do in health and social care is interrelated, and by amalgamating practices and processes, we can help to streamline and join up service delivery to provide better health outcomes for the people of County Durham.

We have an exceptionally strong arrangements in place in the County Durham Care Partnership as our foundation, having been working at integration for a good 10 years. All of this gives us a very strong starting point as we move through a time of rapid and widescale change where integrated ways of working have never been so important as it is now.

Our shared principles are:

  • Put the patient and service user first 
  • The right person in the right place at the right time delivering care to reduce handoffs, delays, and duplication
  • Promote integration between Primary, Community and Social Care
  • Deliver care closer to home
  • Engage, share, and develop our workforce together
  • Share the benefits and successes 
  • Encourage leadership at all levels
  • Get the best value from the resources available 
  • Innovate and make the most of opportunities together
  • Respect our difference and create a culture of integrated working